Are Persian Rugs Better Than Other Oriental Rugs?

by | May 26, 2021 | Rugs

Persian Rugs Represent the Best of Oriental Rugs

Kamran Karimpour, the owner of Birmingham Design Studios, has been in the Oriental Rug business for over 30 years. While there are many fine rugs produced in different countries, in his expert opinion fine Persian Rugs are far superior. That opinion is based on the following reasons:

  • Fine Persian Rugs are like pieces of art. Each rug has a soul and conveys the beauty of an art that dates back over 2500 years.
  • The workmanship and degree of detail is unmatched by any other Oriental Rug.
  • Persian rugs are produced in different parts of Iran and exhibit unique designs, color palettes and weave characteristics of the area they are produced in. Each city, village and tribe have their own signature style.
  • Because of the variety of designs available in Persian Rugs, they’re easy to use in Traditional, Transitional and Modern Interiors.
  • The testament to the quality of Persian Rugs is the auctions in Sotheby’s and Christie’s where you see Antique Persian Rugs fetching very high prices.
  • Good Persian Rugs don’t just get old, they become precious antiques.

How come I don’t see fine Persian Rugs in many of Rug Stores, Furniture Stores, Design Centers, and Interior Design Studios?

Offering Fine Persian Rugs require knowledgeable rug experts on staff and substantial investment in inventory. They are one-of-a-kind works of art for people who appreciate their beauty, workmanship, history and can afford the best, and you can’t get the same exact one in a different size.

Mass-produced less expensive rugs that are being promoted heavily in shelter magazines or by salespeople/ designers at national and local chain furniture stores don’t have knowledgeable rug experts or the ability to make large investments to carry fine rugs so you may never be presented with the best choice for your home.

How do I find a Persian Rug that’s ideal for my room?

Your best bet is to find a reputable dealer near where you live who specializes in Persian Rugs and has been in business for many years. They should be able to find a rug that works with your decor and budget.

  • Ask them to take the rug home and see it in your space.
  • Look at it during the day and at night.
  • View it both from the light side and the dark side.
  • Ask what makes that rug special and why the dealer thinks it’s a good choice for you.
  • The rug should feel at home when you lay it down in its intended space.
  • Avoid auctions unless you’re an expert.
  • Definitely avoid “Going out of Business” sales unless you know the dealer has been in business for many years and are very familiar with the quality of their merchandise and what they normally carry.
  • Also, buying online from a photo could give you a lot less than you bargained for.

Why Buy Persian Rungs from Birmingham Design Studio?

With the variety of designs and colors available, it’s impossible to walk into a showroom and expect to find the rug of your dreams right away. We talk to our clients to find out what they like, their room, fabrics, furniture, decorating style, how they use the room and then search throughout the country and overseas to find the perfect rug for them. Then, we allow them to take it home to make sure it works and shop us around if they wish. When they are comfortable making a decision, then we talk about them acquiring the rug.

You are welcome to call Kamran or Kristi, our certified Rug specialists at 248-723-8888 to answer any questions you might have.

Kristi Karimpour and her husband Kamran founded Birmingham Design Studio over three decades ago. Their goal was to establish a full-service interior design studio that would cater to the diverse needs of clients seeking sophisticated and timeless designs in the heart of Birmingham, Michigan. From the beginning, Kristi’s vision was clear – to create interiors that would not only reflect her clients’ personalities and lifestyles but also stand the test of time.