What is the best size rug for a dining room?

Feb 15, 2022 | Interior Design Ideas

The best size rug for your dining room depends on the size of your dining room table. At minimum it is best that the rug is about 18 to 24 inches wider and longer than your table. This allows the chairs to be pulled back without falling off the rug. You can obviously go larger if your room dimensions allow it and that’s the look you prefer.

You can use painters tape to mark where the rug would sit on the floor to get a better idea. Remember the most common sizes for the dining room are 8’x10′, 9’x12 and 10’x14′. Larger and custom made rugs are also available if required. We always recommend putting the money in the quality rather than the size.

If you’re building a new home we can draw a floor plan and show you how the rug would fit in your room so you can move ahead with choosing your rug and ordering your furniture and fabrics. At Birmingham Design Studio we allow our clients to take the rug home and see it in their room to make sure they love it before they decide to purchase it.

We also recommemd that you don’t limit your choices to the mass produced rugs hanging in furniture chain stores. You would be better served consulting with knowledgeable and experienced rug experts before settling on a rug. There are so many rugs out there and they can search and present you with the best rugs for your home. AT Birmingham Design Studio we have two certified hand woven rug experts on staff to help you with your selection.

Happy decorating!

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