One-of-a-kind Persian Tabriz Rug. No: 1105

Persian Rug


This breathtaking Persian Tabriz rug shows the extraordinary skill and artistry for which the weavers in Tabriz are known. The design depicts a mosque dome as viewed by a visitor looking upwards. It shows a mastery of artistic concepts, such as scale and three-dimensional design. It has a realistic, trompe l’oeil effect that gives it the appearance of distance and adds to the realism. This is a technique that is often seen in paintings, but seldom do you find it carried out to this degree using fiber as a medium.
Regardless of where you choose to place this extraordinary work of art, it will be a treasured piece for many decades to come. This rare design will make a beautiful addition to your home where it will make a statement that is elegant and refined.

Dimensions: 5′ x 6’5″

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