Persian Rugs or Designer Fabrics, which one should you pick first?

Jan 17, 2022 | Rugs

Over the years we’ve been asked this questions many times and the answer has always been the same. If you’re planning to use a Persian Rug or even a unique  Modern Oriental Rug, it’s always best to choose the rug first.

The reason is very simple. Finding a fine rug is much harder than finding the coordinating fabrics. The rug you choose could be the only one available, but there are thousands of choices of fabrics from various manufacturers in various qualities and price points. So it makes sense to pick your rug first.

At our studio we carry many high-end designer fabrics like Schumacher, Kravet, Pindler & Pindler, Fabricut and many more. Whatever rug you choose we can use the color and pattern in the rug to come up with excellent choices of fabrics that would work for you and order it in the yardage that you need to cover your living room sofa or dining room chairs. But if you choose the fabric first you wouldn’t have the same flexibility in finding a rug. That doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to do, but you could really make it much harder for yourself.

Make your interior design project easy by giving yourself more choices. Pick your rug first.

Client Reviews

“What a wonderful experience at Birmingham Design Studio. Kamran and the entire staff that we worked with (Kristi, Kevin) were very attentive and helped us find the perfect rug for our dining room. The selection of unique and one of a kind items is amazing, and regardless of having very high end items they also have a great selection of the obtainable. The level of professionalism and service was top notch. We will be returning for future purchases for our home.”
Cheryl Woodworth