Johnyar’s design tip of the day!

by | Jan 31, 2023 | Interior Design Ideas

Playing with dimension, texture and resolution can make a dramatic change in the feel of a room and make pieces stand out. Adding a statement piece that creates a 3D effect with curves or pops of color can create visual interest. Working in layers of texture, like velvet and linen, provides depth and comfort. And creating visual resolution by using contrasting colors, size, or shape will make the eye linger and bring a room to life.

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-Johnyar Karimpour

Client Reviews

Susan Taube

“The staff at Birmingham Design Studio have a great sense of design. The moment my husband and I met them, we know that they were the ones that could turn our residence into a home we were proud to entertain in. It was impressive how closely they worked with us, they really took their time to understand our lifestyle, tastes and interests. With the combination of comfort and elegance our dream home was created.”

Susan Taube

Kristi Karimpour and her husband Kamran founded Birmingham Design Studio over three decades ago. Their goal was to establish a full-service interior design studio that would cater to the diverse needs of clients seeking sophisticated and timeless designs in the heart of Birmingham, Michigan. From the beginning, Kristi’s vision was clear – to create interiors that would not only reflect her clients’ personalities and lifestyles but also stand the test of time.