Interior Designer in Birmingham, MI

May 11, 2023 | Interior Design Ideas, News

Article by Lynne Konstantin

Originally published in Birmingham City Lifestyle

Kristi Karimpour has a passion for color, art history — and working with people.

While studying at Oakland University, she began working with her then-future husband Kamran Karimpour at Woven Treasures Oriental Rugs in Birmingham, while also falling in love with Persian and Oriental rugs, inspiring her to become a certified rug appraiser.

“Clients would come to us with an empty room, wanting to start with a rug then work around it,” Karimpour says. “I began helping clients not only select a rug, but also with other resources and industry connections to complete their entire project.” The couple expanded their business to include Maison Furniture, Rugs and Design, offering furniture, accessories and complete interior design.

Soon after, in 2008, the pair expanded further, creating Birmingham Design Studio (, a one-stop shop for everything home design. The studio offers unlimited options for high-end furniture, rugs, upholstery, custom draperies and window treatments, fine art and more — extending far beyond their vast Birmingham showroom. Additionally, Karimpour and her team of in-house design experts are known for their willingness to help clients as much or as little as they want, offering services ranging from help choosing pieces, finishes and textiles to space planning, makeovers and staging.

“We can help our clients from the blueprints through final accessorizing — or anything in between,” Karimpour says. “We have developed a network of builders and other tradespeople to complement our extensive selection of products and services.” Under Karimpour’s guidance, her team works closely in collaboration with clients to help empower them and draw out their individual aesthetic.


Kristi Karimpour’s goal with clients is to help them realize their individual style. Here, she tells the Top 5 current design trends that can help add a jolt of refresh to your home.

Stronger Colors: “We are using a lot of stronger colors in our recent projects,” Karimpour says. “Whether it’s a deep rich wall color, or pops of bright color, color is back! Current favorites are emerald green, hot pink, teal blue and purple.”

Juxtaposition: “Opposites attract! Mixing opposing styles and textures creates visual interest with contrast. Dropping sleek modern furniture into classic architecture creates a timeless blend of new and old. Change up your art by using a detailed carved wood frame on a stark contemporary oil painting to freshen it up.”

Wallpaper: “Wallpaper on the walls and/or ceilings adds texture and design to any project,” Karimpour says. “Wallpaper incorporates color and texture to add richness to any room. To really change things up, add an interesting wallpaper to the back of your bookcase or cabinet to pop your displays.”

Functionality and maximization of space: “Use every inch of space,” she says. “Convert small nooks and crannies to usable space whenever possible. Whether adding a few shelves for display or storage, or reworking an existing closet, creative space planning can help you better utilize your home.”

Durable finishes and fabrics: “Your home is made to be lived in! Wherever possible, we make sure that the materials we are using are made to be used,” Karimpour says. “With so many fabrics on the market with protective coatings available, you don’t have to worry about family-friendly furniture. Many companies offer durable top coats for their wood products as well.”

Client Reviews

“I strongly recommend Kevin and Lauren at Birmingham Design Studio. I made my final payment four months ago…you would think that the newness would have faded. However, every single time I walk in my living room and dining room, I ask “wow, is this my house?” I requested fresh, edgy, and young. That is exactly what was delivered…mixed with a smidgen of sophistication. This was not Kevin’s first rodeo!”
Gina Petrak