How to Update Your Interior Design for Winter Months

by | Dec 2, 2020 | Interior Design Ideas

Dark Palettes

Our favorite dark palette colors include deep greens, purples, grays, and browns. These colors take dominance over other colors in each room they’re in. They also reflect comfort and a more laid-back energy that people usually have in the winter.


As with every winter season, blankets and throws are popular again! This year, the trend is focusing much more on comfort than it has in the past. Some examples of this include Soft and cozy fabrics (cashmere, faux-fur, wool), Mismatched comforter and pillow sets, Decorative pillows, and Extra throws and blankets on top of comforters.

Sparkling Accents

Sparkling accents bring a sense of winter and the look of snow inside your house, without bringing in any of the cold. A little goes a long way with sparkle though. Too much will be distracting and oftentimes too bright. Some types of sparkling accents include white snowflakes, gold stars, or poinsettias in rose gold pots.


Largely considered a Christmas tradition, we think that wreaths should be popular all winter long. Wreaths can be hung on the front door, in windows, or over the mantle. Considering that wreaths fall into the darker green color palette we already love, that’s another positive. Wreaths also symbolize growth, which is great to keep in mind going into the New Year. If you want a real wreath, you will have to replace it a couple of times, however artificial wreaths are also sold.


Textures and patterns from all over the world have been popping up in clothes and in homes this season. Some of the most popular textures are Rugged nomadic styles, Intricate block prints, Rich mohairs, Velvets, Paisleys, and Glittery sequins.

Client Reviews

“Love this place! It all started one snowy miserable day when I walked in to look for an entry table on what certainly was a bad hair day for me. That’s when I met Kristi – an outstanding designer. Since then, Kristi and her design team have helped me with furniture and design for our vacation condo in western Michigan, and ongoing re-do of our home not far from the store. The store has a wide selection of furniture and rugs. Kristi and the designers quickly picked up on my individual preferences and at no time did I feel pressured to buy. I stopped shopping anywhere else!”
Vera Treshnewsky

Kristi Karimpour and her husband Kamran founded Birmingham Design Studio over three decades ago. Their goal was to establish a full-service interior design studio that would cater to the diverse needs of clients seeking sophisticated and timeless designs in the heart of Birmingham, Michigan. From the beginning, Kristi’s vision was clear – to create interiors that would not only reflect her clients’ personalities and lifestyles but also stand the test of time.